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Table A-1 ~ Follow-up Study Summary by College
Table A-2 ~ CTE Follow-up Study Response Rates by Program
Table B-1 ~ Employment & Education Status of Program Completers
Table B-2 ~ Employment Patterns of Program Completers
Table B-3 ~ Completers Simultaneously Employed & Pursuing Additional Education
Table B-4 ~ Educational Status of Completers
Table B-5 ~ Relatedness of Employment Among Program Completers
Table B-6 ~ Reasons Why Present Job Is Not In Related Field
Table B-7 ~ Beginning of Present Position Among Completers
Table B-8 ~ Location of Employment Held by Completers
Table B-9 ~ Average Hourly Salary Earned by Completers
Table B-10 ~ Percent Job Satisfaction For Employed Completers
Table B-11 ~ Completer Percent Satisfaction With Major Program Components
Table B-12 ~ Completer Percent Satisfaction With Services & Number of Respondents