October 2018 DoubleTree Hotel, Alsip, IL Meeting Minutes
June 2018 Illinois Central College Meeting Minutes
October 2017 Crowne Plaza, Springfield, IL Meeting Minutes
June 2017 Rock Valley College Meeting Minutes
October 2016 DoubleTree by Hilton (Alsip) Meeting Minutes
June 2016 Richland Community College Meeting Minutes
October 2015 Embassy Suites (Peoria)
June 2015
March 2015 Waubonsee Community College
October 2014
 June, 2014  Kaskaskia College
 March, 2014  Highland Community College
 October, 2013  Bloomington
 June, 2013  Illinois Central College
 March, 2013  Oakton Community College
 October, 2012  Alsip
 June, 2012  Heartland Community College
 March, 2012  Joliet Junior College
 October, 2011  Bloomington
 October, 2010  Alsip
 June, 2010  Parkland College
 March, 2010  Lakeland College
 October, 2009  Abraham Lincoln Hotel (Springfield)
 June, 2009  Joliet Junior College
 March, 2009  Illinois Central College
 October, 2008  Arlington Heights
 Spring, 2008  ICCB (Springfield)
 October, 2007  Holiday Inn (Collinsville)
 June, 2007  Parkland College
 March, 2007  Northern Illinois University (Joint Meeting with IACRAO)
 October, 2006  Wyndham (Itasca)
 June, 2006  Grand Bear Lodge (Utica)
 March, 2006  Oakton Community College
 October, 2005  Holiday Inn (Peoria)
 June, 2005  Stony Creek Inn (East Peoria)
 March, 2005  ICCB (Springfield)
 October, 2004  Wyndham (Itasca)
 June, 2004  Eagle Creek Resort (Findley)
 March, 2004  Kankakee Community College
 October, 2003  Holiday Inn (Collinsville)
 June, 2003  Starved Rock Lodge
 March, 2003  Heartland Community College
 October, 2002  Wyndham Northwest (Itasca)
 June, 2002  Pheasant Run Resort (St. Charles)
 March, 2002  Parkland College
 October, 2001  Urbana Holiday Inn
 June, 2001  Eagle Creek Resort (Findley)
 March, 2001  Heartland Community College
 October, 2000  Hyatt Regency Woodfield (Schaumburg)
 June, 2000  Starved Rock Resort (Utica)
 March, 2000  Danville Area Community College
 October, 1999  Crowne Plaza (Springfield)
 June, 1999  Hilton (Springfield)
 March, 1999  Illinois Valley Community College
 October, 1998  Indian Lakes Resort (Itasca)
 June, 1998  Pheasant Run (St. Charles)
 March, 1998  Illinois Central College
 October, 1997  Chancellor Hotel (Champaign)
 June, 1997  Eagle Creek Resort (Shelbyville)
 March, 1997  Lincoln Land College
 November, 1996  Radisson (Lisle/Naperville)
 June, 1996  Pheasant Run Resort (St. Charles)
 March, 1996  Illinois Central College
 November, 1995  Holiday Inn (Decatur)
 July, 1995  Rend Lake Resort
 March, 1995  Illinois Valley Community College
 November, 1994  Wyndham Hamilton Hotel (Itasca)
 June, 1994  Holiday Inn (Collinsville)
 March, 1994  Illinois Central College
 November, 1993  Renaissance Hotel (Springfield)
 July, 1993  Starved Rock Lodge and Conference Center (Utica)
 April, 1993  Heartland Community College
 November, 1992  Holiday Inn (Matteson)
 June, 1992  Starved Rock Lodge and Conference Center (Utica)
 March, 1992  Carl Sandburg College (Galesburg)
 October, 1991  Hotel Pere Marquette (Peoria)
 June, 1991  Jumers (Bloomington)
 March, 1991  Parkland College
 October, 1990  Hyatt Regency Woodfield (Schaumburg)
 June, 1990  Clock Tower Resort (Rockford)
 March, 1990  Illinois Valley Community College
 October, 1989  Holiday Inn (Collinsville)
 March, 1989  Parkland College
 October, 1988  North Shore Hilton (Skokie)
 June, 1988  Holiday Inn (Matteson)
 March, 1988  Parkland College
 October, 1987  Chancellor Hotel (Champaign)
 March, 1987  Rock Valley College
 October, 1986  Holiday Inn (Matteson)
 June, 1986  Holiday Inn (Matteson)
 March, 1986  Illinois Valley Community College
 October, 1985  Holiday Inn (Decatur)
 June, 1985  Chestnut Mountain Resort (Galena)
 March, 1985  William Rainey Harper College
 October, 1984  Sheraton (Rock Island)
 June, 1984  Holiday Inn (LaSalle-Peru)
 March, 1984  College of DuPage
 October, 1983  North Shore Hilton (Skokie)
 July, 1983  Chestnut Mountain Resort (Galena)
 March, 1983  Elgin Community College
 October, 1982  Rock Valley College
 July, 1982  Holiday Inn (Moline)
 April, 1982  Triton College
 October, 1981  Holiday Inn (Springfield)
 July, 1981  Moraine Valley Community College
 March, 1981  Oakton Community College
 October, 1980  Ramada Inn (Peoria)
 July, 1980  Waubonsee Community College
 March, 1980  Illinois Valley Community College
 October, 1979  Nordic Hills (Itasca)
 July, 1979  Wagon Wheel (Rockton)
 March, 1979  Rock Valley College
 October, 1978  Ramada Inn (Champaign)
 July, 1978  Joliet Junior College
 May, 1978  College of Lake County
 October, 1977  Milwaukee (Wisconsin)
 July, 1977  Illinois Central College
 October, 1976  Sheridan- Holiday Shore Inn (Northbrook)
 July, 1976  William Rainey Harper College
 October, 1975  Holiday Inn (Springfield)
 June, 1975  Triton College
 May, 1975  Bradley University
 October, 1974  Rock Valley College
 July, 1974  Triton College
 May, 1974  Illinois Benedictine College
 October, 1973  Belleville Area College
 July, 1973  Illinois Central College