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  • Illinois Community College Board (ICCB)The Illinois Community College Board utilizes the advice and counsel of all constituent groups of the community college system in establishing policies necessary to implement state statutes. Four organizations representing various community college constituents in the state have been designated as official advisory groups to the Illinois Community College Board. These four organizations are the Illinois Presidents Council, the Illinois Community College Trustees Association, the Illinois Community College Faculty Association, and the ICCB Student Advisory Committee.

  • Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE)  In addition to their numerous other roles in Illinois higher education IBHE is currently working on ten year strategic plan.  For more details on the strategic plan and its multiple areas of focus which will have implications for education across the state, or to send written comments to the IBHE, head to: https://www.ibhe.org/IBHE-Strategic-Planning-meetings.html

  • The ICCB Student Advisory Committee (SAC) https://www.iccb.org/students/student-advisory-committee/The ICCB Student Advisory Committee (SAC) was established by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) in 1982. The SAC serves Illinois Community College students by representing their interests through reviewing ICCB policies, advising on those policies, and informing everyone on issues affecting the community college system.

  • Illinois Community College Trustee Association (ICCTA) Since 1970, the Illinois Community College Trustees Association has provided legislative advocacy and educational opportunities for college boards.   ICCTA’s purpose is the interchange of information affecting public community colleges and the promotion of action for the common good of all member boards.

  • Illinois Council of Community College Administrators  is one of four advisory boards to the ICCB. It’s mission is to  Provide a resource network, a forum for information exchange, and a vehicle for professional development  To represent the concerns and needs of community college administrators by participating on state committees, task forces, and advisory groups. To build effective alliances which will act on behalf of the common interests of community colleges  To collaborate with political and educational organizations throughout the state to advance the legislative and fiscal needs of community colleges. To provide a collegial support network for professional growth and development. ______________________________________________________________________________
  • Illinois Postsecondary Profiles (IPP) http://illinoispostsecondaryprofiles.com/  is a development project resulting from an intergovernmental agreement between the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), and Northern Illinois University (NIU). The central vision guiding development of the IPP is the creation of a powerful but accessible web site through which interested stakeholders can access data contributed by multiple state agencies pertinent to the postsecondary experience in Illinois in meaningful and useful ways. Agencies participating directly in the development of the IPP include IBHE and ICCB. Additional agency partners Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) and Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) are also lending assistance.

  • Illinois General Assembly (IGA) The Illinois General Assembly is the bicameral legislature of the U.S. state of Illinois and comprises the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate. The General Assembly was created by the first state constitution adopted in 1818. Here you can follow legislation that affects education throughout the state.

  • State University Retirement System (SURS) The mission of SURS is to secure and deliver the retirement benefits promised to our members.