In accordance with Section 112 (c) of the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V), reserve funds can be awarded to the following recipients to 1. foster innovation through the identification and promotion of promising and proven CTE programs, practices, and strategies; and 2. promote the development, implementation, and adoption of programs of study or career pathways aligned with high-skill, high-wage, and in-demand occupations/industries.

  • Rural areas
  • Areas with high percentages of CTE concentrators or CTE participants
  • Areas with high numbers of CTE concentrators or CTE participants
  • Areas with disparities or gaps in performance

In order to address long-standing equity gaps in State of Illinois higher education, the ICCB determined that the opportunities to see the greatest change are in rural areas and areas with disparities or gaps in performance.

Below is the information to submit your application for the FY2022 Perkins Reserve funding. Please note that this funding is based on a formula allocation and is not competitive.