What is equity?
Equity is providing an individual the tools that they need to be successful, as opposed to just providing everyone with the same tools.

Equity is a foundational tenet in Perkins V and has been integrated throughout the Illinois State Plan for Perkins V. Illinois aims to place equity at the forefront of decisions made regarding CTE programming, acknowledging that opportunity and achievement gaps exist, especially for members of special populations. Perkins V affords Illinois the opportunity for an increased focus on meeting the needs of members of special populations by improving systems to identify and understand equity gaps, aligning resource systems, and providing professional learning to support the implementation of CTE programs that are accessible and effective for all students.

The following guiding principles, developed by the Equity and Access Committee of the Perkins V Stakeholder Work Group, serve as the foundation for reducing inequities in CTE:

  • Illinois CTE will provide equitable access for all students beginning in fifth grade and continuing throughout their schooling with career exploration, career preparation, and academic and social support.
  • Illinois CTE will provide targeted support services, informed by evidenced-based practice, for special populations in collaboration with secondary and postsecondary districts and community-based organizations.
  • Illinois CTE will provide evidenced-based professional learning and resources to support programs in collecting and using data to critique and improve activities and services for those who are members of special populations, which will benefit all students.
  • Secondary and postsecondary CTE will collaborate with community-based organizations, business partners, and families to build a partnership that supports our students, create programs that ensure equitable access and supports, create opportunities for work-based learning, and ensure access to high quality programming. 

For a comprehensive summation of the equity provisions within Perkins V, visit this one pager created by the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE). Additional equity resources can be found on the Equity Resources page.