Pathways to Results (PTR) is aimed at improving student transitions to and through postsecondary education and into employment. It empowers organizations to use methods, templates and tools to continuously improve pathways and programs of study by addressing inequities in student outcomes. Enhanced outcomes for students, programs, organizations, and systems is the ultimate goal of PTR.

The grant is divided into Year One: Partnership and Planning for Student Success and Year Two: Implementation Communities.

Year One: Partnership and Planning for Student Success:

The PTR year one project, aims to assemble a meaningful plan for implementing evidence-based improvement that addresses documented gaps in students’ equitable outcomes. Teams’ PTR work will be concentrated through participation in an intensive two-day institute requiring both pre-work and follow-up conference calls to prepare for the final deliverable—an intervention plan that is eligible to be considered for a Year Two PTR grant that supports implementation and scaling. This project will support teams interested in improving educational outcomes and student transition to and through a pathway and programs of study including:

  • Developing an engaged stakeholder group and representative team inclusive of faculty, student affairs, and academic affairs leaders, in addition to secondary and industry partners.
  • Using student-level data (quantitative and qualitative) to identify outcomes gaps and create a targeted, evidence-driven vision for improving equity in the pathway.
  • Analyzing core processes (e.g., recruiting, advising, teaching, learning) and student support practices (e.g. first year experiences, college success courses, intrusive advising) that contribute to the identified issue.
  • Proposing a potential improvement or improvements for implementation.

FY 2018 Year One Application – The application period is now closed

Year Two Implementation Communities Scope:

This selective, second-year Pathways to Results grant will take teams beyond the partnership and planning processes of the first year grant and move into a structured and supported implementation process leveraging the analysis and improvement ideas generated in previous participation of the PTR process. In addition to funding, the grant will provide supportive evaluation, venues for peer learning, assistance with dissemination to the larger community of practice, professional development on major evidence-based, high-impact trends in the field, and documentation and dissemination of learning and outcomes. The ultimate goals of this Phase 2 grant include:

  • Implementation and dissemination of significant improvements in pathways and programs deemed important to local and state contexts;
  • Collection of data documenting what works in different local and state contexts; and,
  • Testing, documentation, and feedback on the implementation of Career Pathways and Programs of Study in Illinois.

FY 2018 Year Two Application – The application period is now closed
NOTE: In order to be eligible for the Implementation Communities PTR grant, colleges must have been funded for PTR in one of the last two fiscal years.

FY 2018 Year Two Reporting Templates:

Report Period Due Date
Midterm July 1 – December 31 January 30, 2018
Final January 1- June 30 July 30, 2018