Faculty Grants

Dr. Joseph T Cipfl Faculty Research or Workshop Grant Application Information
Illinois Community College Faculty Association (ICCFA) supports and represents faculty of the community system. One of the goal of ICCFA is to promote teaching and learning excellence. One of such endeavor is the annual faculty research and workshop funding. Annually, funding up to $10,000 have been awarded to faculty members in their innovative endeavor in research and workshop development. It has been an integral part of faculty professional development opportunities withing the Illinois community college system. In 2020, four faculty members in community colleges across Illinois had been awarded research grants.
However, due to the effect of Covid-19 pandemic, we experienced uncertainty in resource management. Facing challenge, we are still committed in supporting faculty in their professional growth. We will work hard to secure funding to maintain the level of support warranted by our faculty who have been striving to achieve the goal of preparing students for a life time learning.
We will resume the funding cycle during 2021 or 2022. Please stay tuned for notices from ICCFA about grant applications.
Thank you for your support. Thank you, faculty members who have gone over and beyond in applying and using the grant in order to serve students better.