Contract/Customized Training
Businesses seek assistance from community colleges not only for specific employee skill development but they also seek assistance with strategic planning, process improvement and other system-wide operations that lead to increased productivity.

Counseling and Management Assistance
Businesses and communities have come to depend on the educational information, support and resources that are provided by the local community college Small Business Development Centers. During the initial start-up, businesses often seek local support and resources in order to be successful. These relationships continue to grow over the years and develop into long-term mentoring relationships.

Entrepreneurship Seminars and Workshops
Community colleges across Illinois offer a variety of services to individuals who are interested in starting a business and for individuals who are currently running their own business. These services are offered via seminars and workshops and include development of a business plan, securing finances, addressing state and federal employment laws, and other details necessary to be successful.

Business Attraction, Retention and Expansion
Attracting, retaining and expanding businesses is the foundation of economic development and community colleges are playing a key role in this process. As communities strive to provide all the resources necessary to attract and retain businesses they are leaning on the local community college for assistance. Community colleges are providing various resources such as meeting facilities, re-hiring testing and training along with formal educational degrees that support the skills needed by the local employer.