The Illinois Council on Continuing Higher Education (ICCHE) is a comprehensive organization of continuing higher education representing all regions of the state of Illinois. Founded in 1975, ICCHE is the only organization in Illinois whose membership includes two and four year colleges and universities, both public and private.

ICCHE was established in response to related social, political, and educational issues of the era and continues to evolve, sensitive to institutional, legislative, and stakeholder concerns.

The Illinois Council on Continuing Higher Education is dedicated to:

  • Provide leadership for statewide planning and support for continuing higher education
  • Provide a vehicle for effective communication of state policies related to continuing higher education
  • Develop guidelines that encourage and facilitate effective working relationships and cooperation among all higher educational institutions
  • Identify and conduct collaborative projects
  • Arrange for information gathering and research related to continuing higher education
  • Facilitate effective relationships among representatives of public and private continuing higher education programs throughout Illinois
  • Adhere to the Statement of Ethical Practices adopted by the Council.

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