GOAL 2 and GOAL 3 of the Community College Board are:

Goal 2 – To support a seamless transition for students into and through postsecondary education and the workforce by fostering the development of robust career pathways aligned to the needs of business and industry, strong engagement at all levels of the community college system, and with a focus on meeting students where they begin their educational journey, resulting in equitable access and outcomes for all students. 

Goal 3 – To contribute to economic development by supporting the Illinois community college system’s effort to provide high-quality, dynamic workforce training opportunities that build essential skills for high-value work through apprenticeships, work-based learning opportunities, and competency-based instructional models that result in equitable economic mobility through increased credential attainment

The Draft 2020 WIOA Unified State Plan


Illinois Community College Board Workforce Education Strategic Plan (WESP)

Illinois Community College Board Workforce Education Strategic Plan Summary

ICCB Workforce Education Strategic Planning Project Report on the Regional Forums

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