Entrepreneurial Contextualized Bridge Curriculum

Introduction and Course Outline:  Entrepreneurial Bridge Curriculum

Module 1-Course Introduction & Class Expectations

Module 2-Growth Mindset & Study an Entrepreneur

Module 3-SMART Goals and Starting Your Own Business

Module 4-Building Vocabulary & Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business

Module 5-Skimming/Scanning & The Concept of a “Unique Selling Proposition”

Module 6-Conducting Effective Market Research

Module 7-Note-taking & Business Plans

Module 8-Paraphrase/Summary & Setting up a Business 

Module 9-Close Reading & Naming Your Company

Module 10-Online Reading Strategies & Marketing Your Business

Module 11-Metacognition & Publicity

Module 12-Infographics & Bookkeeping for a Business

Module 13-Financing Sources for a Startup and Estimating Financing for a Business Plan

Module 14-Critical Thinking & Human Resources Management 

Module 15-Critical Thinking Part II & Elevator Pitch

Module 16-Elevator Pitch (Culminating Project) & Business Communication