The Illinois Community College Board has authorized several routes by which Illinois residents can obtain a State of Illinois High School Diploma. Candidates may choose to take a high school equivalency exam (GED® or HiSET®), and complete their Illinois State Constitution requirement. Alternatively, candidates who have already completed a significant amount of high school or postsecondary credit may be eligible to participate in a transcript-based Alternative Method of Credentialing. The eligibility and participation guidelines for each high school equivalency option are outlined on the pages linked below.

High School Equivalency Methods

Illinois Constitution Requirement

For information on the requirement, please visit the below link.

Illinois Constitution Requirement



High School Equivalency Records

High school equivalency records are held at the county level in Illinois, by Regional Offices of Education. To obtain copies of a State of Illinois High School Diploma or Transcript, or to complete a third-party verification for records, please review the information below.


Illinois HSE Administrator’s Office Contact Information
Telephone: 312-814-8943
Fax: 312-814-8993