Economic Impact of Illinois Community Colleges

Closing the Achievement Gap in Illinois

Distance Education in the Illinois Community College System

Dual Credit Enrollment in the Illinois Community College System

Postsecondary Profiles

Illinois Postsecondary Profiles releases new features to explore higher education data

This data and accountability website provides stakeholders with a powerful but user-friendly platform to access information on Enrollment, Affordability, Progress, Advancement, and Completion for 2- and 4-year Illinois higher education institutions. Building on the Institutional Profile released previously, new features released in January 2021 allow data to be explored in new ways through Occupational and Regional Profiles.

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ICCB releases the Illinois Community Colleges’ Economic Impacts and Student Employment Outcomes Report
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ICCB Centralized Data

ICCB is the State Education Authority responsible for collecting and maintaining enrollment, completion, and student characteristic information on community college students. Illinois Community College System data collection, administrative data matching, and reporting is effectively and efficiently coordinated through ICCB. ICCB utilizes its centralized data system to furnish information for state and federal accountability purposes, promote student and institutional improvement, meet research needs, and formulate policy. By compiling student and staff-level data centrally it ensures continuity and consistency in reporting across the system.