Vision and Mission

The vision for the Illinois Community College Diversity Commission is to establish a statewide collaborative effort to achieving Inclusive Excellence throughout the Illinois community college system.

The mission of the Illinois Community College Diversity Commission is to advocate for Illinois community college diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioners in their effort to create strategic objectives to advance their campus diversity effort and address issues that impact community college stakeholders from diverse populations.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Practitioners

DEI Practitioners include Illinois community college Chief Diversity Officers, executive-level leaders whose unofficial role is to lead the campus diversity effort, chairpersons for diversity committees, councils, or a task force, compliance officers (Title IX or ADA certified officials and EEO/Affirmative Action practitioners), mid-level directors and coordinators of diversity or multicultural affairs departments, faculty and adjunct faculty, and professionals affiliated with an Illinois community college that provide support services for specific cultural groups in a full-time, part-time and volunteer capacity (disability, veterans, race and ethnicity groups, gender and sexual orientation groups, single parents, non-traditional, low-income, etc.).


ICCDC Objectives

The Illinois Community College Diversity Commission shall operate in the pursuit of seven objectives:

  1. Provide professional development and networking opportunities for Illinois community college diversity practitioners,
  2. Promote the best practices in implementing campus diversity initiatives,
  3. Create avenues to bring awareness to social justice issues,
  4. Develop opportunities for Illinois community colleges to collaborate in producing programs and events designed to promote cultural awareness and develop cultural competency, particularly for students,
  5. Recognize diversity practitioners for outstanding service in advancing campus diversity initiatives,
  6. Petition Illinois community college executive leadership and local, state, and federal government officials to increase support for campus diversity initiatives.
  7. Monitor and interpret DEI-related legislation, policies and procedures to inform and provide guidance to our ICCDC colleges on how to meet or exceed the requirements.


Core Values

The Core Values for the Illinois Community College Diversity Commission include:

  • Accountability – fulfilling assigned responsibilities to meet the mission, vision, and strategic goals and objectives for the commission in an ethical manner
  • Fairness – operating the commission and addressing various issues in an equitable fashion
  • Truth – making evidence-based positions and decisions when representing the commission
  • Inclusiveness – recognizing the different cultural groups, cultural norms, worldviews, and lived experiences
  • Respect – addressing all people, particularly commission members and community college stakeholders, in a professional and honorable manner