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General Help

How do I search for students across multiple fiscal years?

On the Students Search page, select the “All Fiscal Years” option from the Fiscal Year drop-down menu:

Students Search page with Fiscal Year Dropdown menu emphasized





I’ve just entered the attendance for a class, but the “AH” column on the attendance grid is still blank. Why is that?

The AH column will not start calculating attendance hours until the student has accrued at least 7.5. In order for the AH column to correctly display the total Attendance Hours a student has accrued for a class, users must either allow the overnight data updating process to run or manually run a policy job. Keep in mind users may only run one policy job per AE Provider per day.


How do I edit attendance for a student after they’ve exited from the class?

At the top of the attendance grid, change the “ACTIVE” drop-down menu to “ALL”, then hit “REFRESH”:

Attendance grid with "Active" drop-down menu highlighted

The student’s name and attendance records will reappear, and you can edit them normally.


Which delivery method, software model, and enrollment type should I choose for my class?

Use the following flowchart to help you fill out the “Delivery Method,” “Class Software Model,” and “Enrollment Type” sections of the Add Class page:

Flowchart explaining how to add a class


How do I exit a student from an Individualized Enrollment class?

To exit a student from a 100% Individualized Enrollment class (not Hybrid):

  1. Go to the Class: Roster page
  2. Scroll to the right
  3. Click the Update link
  4. Enter the student’s exit information
  5. Click “Submit”

Update window from Classes: Roster page

For Open/Fixed Enrollment classes or Hybrid Classes, use the appropriate alphabetic attendance code. See the Classes page for more information.


Does the attendance code “C” count towards a student’s attendance hours?

Yes. In a Regular Attendance Grid, the attendance code “C” will accrue the same amount of attendance hours as the attendance code “P.”


What does the attendance code “AW” (Administrative Withdrawal) mean?

The Administrative Withdrawal code is used for students who register for a class, but never attend. For students who fit this description, enter the AW code on the first day they were expected to attend (where you would normally enter the “E” code).




Can I run a Student Testing Report in DAISI 2.0?

Yes! You can find this report in the Static section of the Reports page.

Reports page with student testing reports highlighted

If you have an Instructor account, you can find the Student Testing Report on the last tab of your class’s pages.

Student Testing Report Tab of Class page


Why isn’t this student (or these students) appearing on NRS Reports?

Students will not appear on NRS Reports if any of the following are true:

  • The student is in an error state.
  • The student has less than 12 total attendance hours according to their Class Info page*.

Aggregate Hours Table on Class Info page

  • The student is enrolled in exclusively Foreign Language GED or Vocational classes.
  • The student is enrolled in a Fixed Entry class, and dropped out
    • before their midterm date or
    • before earning 12 attendance hours in that Fixed Entry class.
  • The student is enrolled in a Fixed Entry class, and the midterm hasn’t happened yet.
  • The student is enrolled in a Fixed Entry class and the midterm has happened, but attendance hasn’t been entered through the midterm date.

If you have confirmed that none of these conditions apply to the student and they still do not appear on NRS Reports, contact the Help Desk.

*The Class Info page shows the most recent calculation of a student’s attendance hours. Calculations happen overnight. This means attendance hours you enter on any given day may take 24-48 hours to be reflected on their Class Info page.


How can I run an Attendance Report?

Go to the “Classes” tab of the Student’s page, and select the “Attendance Report” button in the rightmost column of the class you’d like a report for.

Student Classes page with Attendance Report button highlighted





How can I download attendance sheets and itineraries for my students?

To download an attendance sheet, click the Print Attendance Sheet button at the top right of the attendance grid.

Regular attendance grid with "Print Attendance" button highlighted

To download a Student Itinerary, click the Student Itinerary button on the student’s Class Info page:

Student Class Info page with "Student Itinerary" button highlighted


My student was in an error state, and I corrected the issue, but the error banner won’t go away. Why?

After you enter data, it can take up to 24 hours for it to be fully processed. To eliminate error banners immediately, you can run a Policy Job. However, keep in mind you can only run one Policy Job per day.





How do I change an existing Program Account to a different role (e.g. from Instructor to Data Entry)?

See the explanation on the Administration Page or the recording of the DAISI 2.0 Training on the Administration section.


What are Given and Unscheduled Days? How are they different?

Given and Unscheduled Days are days on which a scheduled class does not meet.

Given days affect the entire program and fall into 3 categories:

  • 13 Holidays per fiscal year
  • Staff Development Days, when class is canceled to allow instructional staff to participate in professional development opportunities
  • Emergency Days, when class is canceled due to a weather closing or other institution-wide emergency

On Given Days, students accrue enrollment hours, but not attendance hours.

Unscheduled Days are used for events such as campus closures or spring break. They’re different from Given Days because students accrue neither enrollment nor attendance hours. In addition, Given Days affect the entire AE program, while Unscheduled Days can be assigned to only certain buildings.




Why isn’t this student’s level gain appearing on their Test Info page?

If a student has been pre- and post-tested and improved by one or more NRS Education Functioning Levels, their level gain may not appear on their Test Info page for the following reasons:

  • The student is enrolled in exclusively Foreign Language GED or Vocational classes
  • There are insufficient attendance hours between the pre- and post-tests. You can check this by adding up the attendance hours the student earned in the appropriate instructional category between the pre- and post-test dates.


Can I manually enter a student’s HSE Test scores into DAISI 2.0?

No. Scores appear in DAISI through a process called data-matching, where an outside program matches a combination of the student’s last name, SSN, date of birth, and zip code from their HSE test to their record in DAISI. The data match runs on the first business day of each month, so a student’s scores should appear on the student’s Test Info page the month after they take the test. You don’t need to do anything for this to happen; just encourage students to include as much information as they can on their HSE test to ensure the data match can occur.


Why aren’t this student’s HSE test scores appearing on their Test Info page?

HSE Test scores appear on students’ testing pages through data matching. On the first business day of every month, an outside organization matches a combination of the student’s last name, SSN, date of birth, and zip code from their HSE test to their record in DAISI. The four “match levels” are as follows:

  1. SSN/DOB/last name
  2. Last name/DOB/zip code
  3. Last name/DOB
  4. SSN

If no combination of these four fields match between the HSE Test and DAISI, the data match will not be successful, and the student’s scores will not appear in DAISI. This can happen if:

  • The student’s last name has changed since their HSE test, and the last name they used on their HSE test no longer matches their last name in DAISI.
  • There is an erroneous field (spelling error, incorrect SSN, etc.) either on the HSE Test or in DAISI.
  • The student did not provide sufficient information on their HSE test to allow the data match to occur.


If a student’s HSE Test score is missing from their Test page, check the following conditions:

  • Is the HSE test date before the first business day of the current month? If not, wait until the next data match occurs on the first business day of the next month.
  • Does the student’s information in DAISI match the information they provided on their HSE test? You can check this by logging into the GED Manager or other HSE test portal.

If you answered “yes” to both of the above questions and the student’s HSE test still doesn’t appear on their Test Info page, contact the DAISI Help Desk and ( and Cecilia Elhaddad (



What is a Pandemic WhiteList, and what does it do?

A Pandemic WhiteList is a designated timeframe during which all student who accrue Attendance Hours are considered “Pandemic Affected.” WhiteLists are created for AE Providers with an approved Temporary Testing Waiver and for regions where there are government-imposed pandemic mitigation measures that specifically impact in-person education.

Pandemic WhiteLists help state and program staff keep track of the effect the pandemic has had on Adult Education in Illinois. They do not exempt providers from pre- or post-testing requirements. All students are expected to be tested as soon as reasonably possible. Therefore, all students who lack a pre-test will remain in an error state until they are tested—even if there is a WhiteList that applies to your program.

There are a few places in DAISI where Pandemic WhiteLists are reflected:

The Pandemic Status Section* at the bottom of the Student Testing Page,

Pandemic Status section of Student Testing page


and the last section of the Advanced Search feature.

Pandemic Search feature

*Note: This section only appears for students who are pandemic-affected.

How can I request a Temporary Testing Waiver?

You can request a Temporary Testing Waiver by filling out the following JotForm: Your submission will be reviewed by your Regional Support Staff member, and you will be contacted with the results. If your Temporary Testing Waiver is approved, a Pandemic WhiteList will be created for your program for the duration of the waiver.

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