Hello and welcome to the Illinois Community College Board’s Student Advisory Committee’s (ICCB-SAC) website! Here you will find information about the group and its activities.

The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) was established by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) in 1982. The SAC serves Illinois Community College students by representing their interests through reviewing ICCB policies, advising on those policies, and informing everyone on issues affecting the community college system.

There are 48 members of the SAC representing each of the 48 community colleges in the state of Illinois. Members are generally the student trustee of each college district, an SGA Officer for a multi-college district, or another representative as appointed by the district CEO.

Each year,  SAC helps develop Student Advocacy Day for students across the Illinois Community College System to meet with their elected members of the Illinois General Assembly to advocate on behalf of community colleges and their students.