The Financial Compliance and Program Accountability (FCPA) division provides leadership in matters impacting accountability over state and federal funds received and distributed by the ICCB to community colleges, adult education providers, and career and technical education providers. This division is also responsible for development of an annual system Capital budget request, collection and review of various financial and capital related data submissions made by each community college district. FCPA deal directly with specific data submissions and state level administrative responsibilities to positively impact the system and demonstrate statewide accountability of state and federal appropriations either appropriated through the ICCB or received by the ICCB for system initiatives and priorities.

Some areas of responsibility include:

  • Fiscal Monitoring of Federally Funded Programs
  • Capital Project Analysis/Approvals
  • State-Funded Capital Project (RAMP) Review/Analysis/Recommendations
  • Uniform Financial Reporting System (UFRS) Data Management
  • Various data collection/analysis needed for system wide budget development
  • Annual College Audits/Budget Reviews/Analysis
  • Community College Facilities Data Management
  • Serve as Liaison with the Capital Development Board on state funded capital matters
  • Participate in the System Recognition Process