The Student Parent Data Collection Act, enacted on September 1, 2021, requires higher education public institutions to collect and report annually the parental status of each of its enrolled students, specified demographics, and select outcomes to the ICCB. In addition, higher education public institutions that operate one or more child care centers or early learning centers on its campus or is otherwise affiliated with a child care center or early learning center are required to collect and report specified information concerning the number of children served to the ICCB. The intent of the reporting requirements is to provide stakeholders with more accurate information on student parents enrolled in the public higher education system and to better target resources for effective programs (like child care centers on campus) for student parents.

Child Care Centers and Early Learning Centers at Illinois Community Colleges and Children Served

By College –  20232022 

Parental/Legal Guardian Status of Students at Illinois Community Colleges

Academic Year 2021-22 is the first year of student-level collection from the Illinois community colleges for the parent/legal guardian variable by ICCB. As with the introduction of any new variable, it will take a couple years for colleges to implement collection fully for comprehensive reporting. As a result, students that are parents/legal guardians is likely being undercounted statewide and for some community colleges in Academic Year 2021-22. It is expected the parent/legal guardian counts will be more representative in Academic year 2022-23 and thereafter.  (2023 tables coming soon)

Overall Enrollment by College – 2022

Race/Ethnicity by College – 2022

Enrollment Status (Full-time/Part-time) by College – 2022

Academic Program of Enrollment by College – 2022

MAP and Pell Status by College – 2022

Average Grade Point Average by College – 2022

Academic Program of Completion by College – 2022

Persistence by College – 2022