Why PaCE?

Being college and career ready is not only about coursework. It also means learning how to fill out financial aid forms, determining if a student can take AP courses, or becoming educated on tests needed for a certification.

PaCE will provide guidance for students from middle school through high school (8-12th grades) to show what is required to be college or career ready.

The model

PaCE is a collaboration between ISBE, ICCB, IBHE, and ISAC (Illinois Student Assistance Commission).

PaCE framework should address:

    • Career Exploration and Development
    • Financial Aid and Literacy
    • College Exploration, Preparation, and Selection

The model should be integrated. All students should be thinking: What steps will get me to my career goals? The answers to this question should be addressed in the PaCE framework and supported by school districts, parents, and the community.

Postsecondary and Career Expectations Framework Chart

PaCE Support and Training

ISAC offers several PaCE support options to assist schools in understanding the IL PaCE Framework, adoption the IL PaCE Framework, or developing a customized framework to fit their needs.

Support Options

PaCE Overview

This session provides an overview of the Postsecondary Workforce Readiness (PWR) Act legislation, an in-depth explanation of the PaCE framework, the steps involved with creating and implementing your own school/district specific PaCE aligned framework, as well as PaCE support and resources available through ISAC (available in person or via webinar).

PaCE Framework Development Workshop

This workshop takes a school/district team through the creation of their own PaCE aligned framework. During the workshop, an ISAC facilitator will lead a discussion withthe team in order to build consensus and develop their own framework. Upon completion of the workshop, the school/district team will receive a formatted version of their framework from ISAC as a follow up. A school/district team is required in order to schedule a workshop.

To schedule a session, please complete the PaCE Support Request Form, and for more information about the PaCE Framework, contact isac.pace@illinois.gov.

Training Options

PaCE Implementation Leader Training (PILT)

The PaCE Implementation Leader Training (PILT) will provide an in-depth perspective on the Illinois Postsecondary and Career Expectations (PaCE) Framework and the implementation process for those who wish to serve as implementation leaders in their schools. Attendees of this training will be equipped to serve as PaCE Implementation Leaders in their schools or organizations. Upon completion of this one-day training, implementation leaders will have a better understanding on how to assist their schools in implementing the IL PaCE Framework, or can serve as a liaison between their school and ISAC, if the school wishes to create their own customized framework.

Registration details, including dates and locations, are available online at www.isac.org/pilt.

Implementation Timeline

ISBE, ICCB, IBHE, and ISAC will adopt a model for postsecondary career expectations by 7/1/17.

ICCB’s role

The PaCE framework is geared toward High Schools. Therefore, the role of the ICCB is to provide support for the PaCE framework and aid in educating community colleges regarding the act. The ICCB will also support students who have experienced PaCE and will transfer to a community college.