EDU Africa

Join EDU Africa and Madison College in Kenya this June 2020 for a Transformative Learning Faculty Development Program

This June 17-23, 2020, EDU Africa, Madison College and the Community College Sustainable Development Network will offer our second annual Leadership Seminar in Field Studies Abroad.  Through the seminar, participants will discuss best practices in ethical engagement, sustainability, health, safety, and risk management while participating in experiential learning for professional development.

This seminar is appropriate for faculty program leaders, study abroad practitioners, and others involved in leading or administering short term experiential learning programs abroad.

Majority world countries are often portrayed as dangerous, unsanitary and unstable by global media outlets and foreign governments, eclipsing the various avenues that exist to prevent and/or mitigate these risks. This seminar is designed to disrupt these negative portrayals and critically explore concepts and applications of risk, health, and safety in the majority world, and Kenya in particular. Furthermore, this seminar will encourage participants to think through best practices in ethical community engagement and principles of sustainability in study abroad. These are particularly important concepts on the African continent, where the effects of climate change are being keenly felt and exploitation by the minority world continues to occur.

The program will take place at Brackenhurst, a wooded environmentally sustainable hotel and conference center 25 miles north of Nairobi and will include two nights in the Naboisho Conservancy, a private game reserve situated within the greater Maasai Mara.  The Mara is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world with unparalleled opportunities for wildlife observation.  The seminar will examine the role of ecotourism on the economic and environmental sustainability of Masai communities in the Mara and model best practices for experiential learning.  Workshop activities will include both seminar discussion and hands-on experience in field data collection in the conservation area.

Through the seminar participants will:

  • Implement and manage models and tools for transformative field studies and experiential learning programs abroad
  • Keep up to date with best practices for sustainably working with on-site providers and partners
  • Examine best practices for ethical and sustainable engagement with host communities
  • Explore models for student data collection, orientation, and documentation of informed consent
  • Acquire tools to conduct safety audits of program sites
  • Discuss risk management and planning best practices
  • Develop site-specific emergency response plans
  • Apply field studies methodology in the unique and beautiful environment of the Maasai Mara

Program cost is $3,300 (not including airfare to Kenya).

For more information visit:,1,5Vz8tN-TJZSMclp1MuQ4VhG_qNDjsQO6ZBW7POC_QRTaiBeRkk0X7WnXRKAH0jfd30qNemW-lyRya9EzW2Xf7jyeXx-GMeuI1CxS9T16_tRvrry0sCL7&typo=1