401 East Capitol Avenue
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1711
Telephone: (217) 785-0123
Fax: (217) 524-4981
TDD: (217) 782-5645
555 W Monroe Street
Floor 6, Suite 600-S
Chicago, Illinois 60661-3705
Fax: (312) 814-8943

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Dr. Brian Durham Executive Director 217-785-0020 brian.durham@illinois.gov
Ann Knoedler Assistant to the Executive Director 217-785-0013 ann.knoedler@illinois.gov
Matt Berry Chief of Staff 217-785-7411 matt.berry@illinois.gov
Leann Arsenault Associate Director for Administration 217-524-3551 leann.arsenault@illinois.gov
Stephanie Roseboom Office Administrator 217-557-2748 stephanie.roseboom@illinois.gov
Teresa Miller Office Support Associate 217-785-0123 teresa.miller@illinois.gov
Jennifer Foster Deputy Executive Director 217-785-0171 jennifer.foster@illinois.gov
Lori Batson Office Administrator 217-558-4679 lori.batson@illinois.gov
Marcus Brown Deputy Director for Academic Affairs & Student Success 217-524-5503 marcus.brown@illinois.gov
Jennifer Franklin Deputy Director for Finance & Administration 217-785-0031 jennifer.l.franklin2@illinois.gov
Jeff Newell Deputy Director for Strategic Initiatives 217-558-2066 jeff.newell@illinois.gov
Whitney Thompson Deputy Director for Workforce Education 217-558-0318 whitney.thompson@illinois.gov
Nathan Wilson Deputy Director for Research and Information Technology 217-558-2067 nathan.wilson@illinois.gov
Executive Fax 217-785-7495
Academic Affairs & Student Success
Allison Decker Senior Director for Academic Affairs and Student Services 217-558-4163 allison.decker@illinois.gov
Melvin Harrison Director for Academic Affairs 217-785-5003 melvin.harrison@illinois.gov
Tricia Broughton Director for Curriculum and Instruction 217-785-0082 tricia.broughton@illinois.gov
Mackenzie Montgomery Director for Student Support 217-557-7119 mackenzie.montgomery@illinois.gov 
Amanda Lemanski Associate Director for Early Childhood Education 217-524-9119 amanda.lemanski@illinois.gov
Nyssa Westermeyer Associate Director for Early Childhood Education 217-785-0173 nyssa.westermeyer@illinois.gov
Adult Education & Literacy
Kathy L. Olesen-Tracey Senior Director for Adult Education and Literacy 217-557-2740 kathy.olesen-tracey@illinois.gov
Cecilia A. Elhaddad Director for Adult Education and Literacy 217-558-5669 cecilia.elhaddad@illinois.gov
Nelson Aguiar Associate Director for ESL and Immigrant Issues 217-785-0213 nelson.aguiar@illinois.gov
Ben Greer Associate Director for Adult Education—Program Support Specialist – Region I (Chicago) 312-814-8977 ben.greer@illinois.gov
James Flaherty Associate Director for Adult Education—Program Support Specialist – Region II (Chicago) 312-814-5950 james.flaherty@illinois.gov
Career & Technical Education
Natasha Allan Senior Director for CTE 217-785-0139 natasha.allan@illinois.gov
Janelle Washington Director for CTE 217-785-0068 janelle.washington@illinois.gov
Deja Luckett Associate Director for CTE 217-524-9119 deja.luckett@illinois.gov
Ann Storey Associate Director for CTE 217-558-4635 ann.l.storey@illinois.gov
Dana Wynn Associate Director for CTE
East St. Louis Higher Education Center
618-468-4011 dana.wynn@illinois.gov
East St. Louis Higher Education Center (HEC)
(Leonard) Gary Cruise Higher Education Center Director 618-781-9740 leonard.cruise@illinos.gov
External Affairs
Will Norris Associate Director for
External Affairs – Web and Digital Media
217-558-4439 william.m.norris@illinois.gov
Finance and Operations
Jahdzia Diaz Director for Finance and Operations 217-785-0085 jahdzia.diaz@illinois.gov
Zachary Vespa Account Technician III 217-558-5670 zachary.vespa@illinois.gov
Mason Reiff Account Technician III 217-785-0251 mason.reiff@illinois.gov
Grants Management and Financial Compliance
Bill Dart Senior Director for Grants Management 217-558-4680 william.dart@illinois.gov
Ethan Childers Associate Director for Grants Management 217-785-0258 ethan.childers3@illinois.gov
Jason Golden Associate Director for Grants Management 217-785-0088 jason.golden@illinois.gov
Felita Murphy Associate Director for Grants Management 217-785-0089 felita.murphy@illinois.gov
Melinda Jordan Associate Director for Finance & Operations 217-524-0504 melinda.g.jordan@illinois.gov
Information Technology
Jerry Follis Senior Director for Information Technology 217-782-3994 jerry.follis@illinois.gov
Thao Le Applications Programmer III 217-785-0093 thao.le@illinois.gov 
Charles Yocom Applications Programmer III 217-785-0147 charles.yocom@illinois.gov  
Research and Analytics
Jay Brooks Associate Deputy Director for Research & Analytics (Herrin) 618-988-8171 jay.brooks@illinois.gov
Michelle Dufour Associate Director for Research & Analytics 217-782-9574 michelle.dufour@illinois.gov
Jana Ferguson Associate Director for Research & Analytics 217-558-2163 jana.ferguson@illinois.gov
Samuel Miller Associate Director for Research & Analytics 217-558-1876 samuel.a.miller@illinois.gov
Strategic Initiatives
Todd Jorns Senior Director for Professional & Technical Services 217-785-0144 todd.jorns@illinois.gov
Deana Schenk Senior Director for Learning Renewal 217-524-5502 deana.schenk@illinois.gov
James Edwards Director for Cook County HSE Records Office (Chicago) 312-814-3689 james.edwards@illinois.gov
Angelica Jimenez Associate Director for Cook County HSE Records Office (Chicago) 312-814-3666 angelica.jimenez@illinois.gov
Mbu Museu Assistant Director for Cook County HSE Records Office (Chicago) 312-814-3674 mbu.museu3@illinois.gov
Cook County High School Equivalency Line (Chicago) 312-814-4488 customerservice@cookcountyhse.org
Illinois High School Equivalency Line 217-558-5668 hse@illinois.gov
Workforce Education
Lavon Nelson Senior Director for Workforce Education 217-557-2742 lavon.nelson@illinois.gov
Angela Gerberding Director for Work-Based Learning 217-558-2162 angela.gerberding@illinois.gov

Last Updated 5/5/22