ICCAROO institutional membership is open to professionals employed by an Illinois public community college who have the responsibility for some functional aspect of admissions and/or records and are interested in the organization’s activities.

Dues for 2019-2020 are $40 per year per college. Each college would identify the primary contact in admissions and records to act as the institutional member. There is no additional charge for individual professional members. There is no limit to the number of members representing an institution.

View/download the Institutional Membership form.


The ICCAROO listserv is an excellent resource to help search out answers to questions, procedures, and general information. As a paying member of the ICCAROO organization, the members will be added to the listserv and can send a message to the listserv at

ICCAROO offers several professional development opportunities. Members are encouraged to take advantage of leadership development by participating as an officer on the board of directors. There are also opportunities to participate as a presenter at annual conferences.

An ICCAROO member is elected as our representative to attend the Illinois Council of Community College Administrators (ICCCA) meetings. Our representative is on the ICCCA Executive Committee and is the Admissions and Records Commission Representative for ICCCA activities and issues.

Conferences are held twice a year-fall and summer. The fall meeting is held in conjunction with the annual IACRAO conference. The summer meeting has built in time for fun and relaxation, as well as professional development and is hosted by community colleges throughout the state. Business meetings are held twice a year at the time of each conference.

A “Birds of a Feather” in-depth discussion session is a popular component of each conference. Members are encouraged to share issues, concerns, and conduct informal and formal surveys and research.

Invitation to be an Active Member
ICCAROO members have always been open to engaging in discussions and sharing. Members are proud to be known as professional and friendly ICCAROOans.