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Dodging the Cookie-Cutter System–Helping Students Design an Individualized Plan

Archived webinar originally presented on December 6th.
Presented by: Teresa Guia, Transitions Specialist, Prairie State College

How do you encourage students to view their High School Equivalency as a steeping stone rather than a final goal? How do we help students see the benefits of a degree, a trade, or a vocational certificate? And, when the cookie-cutter system does not work for all, how do you customize an individual plan for each student? See how this plan can look for an undocumented, bi-cultural, ESL, or HSE student. This session demonstrates best practices for creating a student’s individualized¬† plan.

This session was sponsored by the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center in partnership with the Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support and is part of the ongoing professional development of the Transitions Academy and the Forum for Excellence.

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Handouts used during the presentation

WIOA: How it Should and Will Impact Your Classroom Instruction

This webinar, presented in celebration of Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, is on a professional development unit on iLEARN! Have your instructors access and complete this for PD credit.

Learn the foundational requirements of the federal legislation, Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act. What are the expectations for Illinois, for our local programs, and of our students? How will WIOA impact your classroom instruction? Why can this be good for our students? What resources are available to help you?

Email sipdctrainer@gmail.com for access to this and other units.