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  • Amy Elston
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    Maintaining student enrollment while still preparing students to make gains has been weighing heavily on the minds of many instructors these days, myself included. In speaking with other educators I have learned that there is NO one right way to address this and the only wrong way is to throw in the towel. I have learned some amazing techniques instructors are using to reach their students: some high tech and some low tech, some simple and some complex. The instructors that are maintaining enrollment seem to have these commonalities:
    1) frequent two way contact with students, meaning the instructor reaches out in some manner and the students respond back
    -Via zoom conferences or video conferences of some type (even if only once a week)
    -remind-app, email, text messaging, phone calls
    2) interactive assignments where performance is scored and feedback given
    -Khan Academy
    -Burlington English
    I personally have chosen to meet with my students during our regular class time via video conferencing. My enrollment has been steady. I have found that my students are eager and anxious to be on each class video chat. I am using readworks.org (free online reading program), Googleforms, Readingplus(subscription), and books the students have in their possession for instruction and homework. I am finding these methods help me to stay standards aligned while giving students feedback on their success.
    The bottom line is anything we do to keep our students engaged will benefit them and our institutions. When our classrooms open back up, we will want our students to be there. In order to make that happen we need to stay in touch with them now. In addition, anything we do to keep students learning will benefit them and us. No one wants to lose the progress our students have made, so just maintaining is a good goal to have right now.
    I share this in hopes of motivating and encouraging everyone to keep going! If you have questions about the strategies I have mentioned or others I have learned about I’d be happy to share.

    Anita Kerr
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    Thank you for the encouragement and practical ideas for teachers – I hope we continue to hear from others about their successes and challenges!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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