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  • Meaghan Young-Stephens
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    Both in Governor Prizker’s speech yesterday (when he extended the stay-at-home order) and in an ICSPS webinar this morning on leading in a virtual environment, one of the underlying themes was to lead with empathy during these tough times. One of my goal for making this happen in a Career Navigator role is to try to build more time into my schedule to reach out to students in my program (Adult Education at Triton College) for personalized check-ins. The message might be as simple as, “Just wanted to reach out and see how you’re doing during what I know is a difficult time. How was class yesterday? And how are things going with your kids being at home?”

    While we can’t do this with every student, I’ve been trying to focus on folks I’ve worked with who I know have a lot of barriers outside of school and for whom the change to online might be especially hard. I think many of us are feeling a little isolated and overwhelmed right now, and some students have seemed to appreciate the opportunity to share how their lives has been affected, even when this doesn’t relate directly to academics.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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