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  • javier torres
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    In the context of working throughout a distance learning modality, and with the understanding that a good numbers of adult educators are lagging in digital knowledge, this is a perfect opportunity to prepare a cohort of instructors who can potentially coach their peers in the basics about Google Classroom. The future arrived and there is no reason not to look forward.

    Incorporating Google Classroom into adult education delivery system will enhance the ICCB Adult Education brand; positioning ICCB adult education classes on at the level of other State’s High School stage or beyond.

    Students and teachers will interact in a platform of service and bank of resources, moving learning and instruction to a level of higher efficiency and in mastery of transferring skills to the job marketplace. With Google Classroom teachers can share files, create assignments, grade work, and communicate with students.

    The opportunity to navigate towards new scenarios of teaching modalities in Illinois’ Adult Education are here. E-Learning is and will be here to be embraced. The momentum is on the side of our students and we owe them this opportunity. (We) with years in adult education must adopt and adapt Google Classroom into our daily endeavors; the tools are vast and the benefits are unlimited.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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