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    Equity in the classroom requires the teacher to be more focused on the students and their needs than on the content. I am new instructor to adult education so I cannot share the ways in which I currently make my classroom more equitable, but I am able to share the abilities I already possess that will foster equity. One is greeting people by their names, making sure of the correct pronunciation, as well as having good eye contact and smiling in order to set a welcoming and positive tone. Getting to know people is also important to me. I will make it a priority to get to know my students with the hope of building a good rapport with each one. Creating a positive, cooperative, and safe learning environment will also be one of my goals. In any group I have led previously, I do my best to ensure that type of environment is built. There are many ways to accomplish this, but it seems to work best, for me, to compile a variety of get-to-know-you activities, ice breakers and team builders that will allow some flexibility in choosing one that is appropriate and will successfully engage students. As a naturally encouraging and empathetic person, I will be focused on helping the students reach their goals while also being sensitive to any barriers/distractions they may be facing – working together to tackle both.

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