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    #2 Assignment Lisa McCord

    For this assignment I chose the Ten minute Interview. I selected 5 students from different classes and different cultures. Because of our learning situation and restrictions I wrote the questions for them and gave examples for most of the questions. The students were asked to return the questionnaire By Monday morning the 15th of March, All but 1 student completed it before Monday morning. 1 student returned hers the morning of the 15th. Their answers were interesting. Most like a quiet atmosphere and written work. Some were comfortable with written and verbal ways of giving and receiving information. One thing they all agreed on is their dislike of the Zoom format.
    I hope to attach their responses for you to read.
    This is an excellent way to reach each student and ask about their likes and dislikes of the learning and our teaching experiences.
    If I were to be in a classroom I would have each get the survey in print, read it over with them, let them contemplate their answers, then privately interview each student.
    These questions/answers are very important to the teacher and also for the student. It helps the teacher give a more wide range of learning experiences and lets the student each know that the teacher is concerned for them and will do their best to reach them and give a well rounded experience.
    I think I would ask 1 other question. What pronoun do they go by. I think at first that might be confusing but it will be a huge learning experience about our culture as well.
    McHenry County College
    Room A372
    Game Day
    March 2, 2021
    The Classroom is broken up into 5 different stations. Each section is geared toward individual learning styles/equity learning. This may be different for others depending on the learning demographics of your class.
    You should try to use 5 different Volunteers, 1 for each station. This way you, as the teacher will be able to be free to observe each station and help out if necessary. The stations are broken up into different activities that teach while using a specific style of learning. There is a table for vocabulary (Auditory), a table for reading and pronunciation (Auditory), a table with a game (Visual and Haptic), a table for Role playing (Verbal, Auditory and Haptic), and a Math table (Visual and Haptic.
    Ideas for each station: 1. Vocabulary Table: Practice writing sentences with this week’s vocabulary words.
    2. Reading: Read a short story aloud. Have each student read a section. Then discuss what was read.
    3. Game: A board game changed into a Verb Tense lesson.
    4. Role play: Pick a short conversation and partner to practice with.
    5. Math table: work with simple math equations and percentages.
    The students each count off and are divided into 5 different groups. Each volunteer has a section. The students that are the ones start at table 1, the twos start at table 2 etc. until everyone has a starting point. After 20 minutes the students will rotate. This continues until each student has participated at each table.
    The goal is to take one day to give each student an opportunity to learn using their own style of learning. Most of the sections have compound ways of learning. This gives each student the opportunity to excel while having a good time with others and individually.

    Do this only one day a week. Make sure the students are broken up as equally as possible, Make sure family members and friends are separated. That way the student will work independently.
    You need to make sure you have a matching ratio of assistants to sections. This way the teacher can roam around each section to see how the students are responding. Make sure the students see you engaged in some way. Do not this time to work on any unfinished paperwork. If you’re engaged your students won’t be either.
    Once the students finish going from section to section, call the class together and ask if they thought this was helpful in learning the lessons for that week. What was their favorite section, and what was their least favorite.
    Next keep those thoughts in mind when setting up your next Game Day.

    Sarah Goldammer
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    Thanks for your reflections. First, I laughed out loud when I read your students agreed on their dislike for zoom (bond wherever you are, right?). Thanks for adding the additional question on the 10 minute interview – what pronoun do you go by? This is a question I have recently added into my operating process for life. I didn’t know to ask this a year ago. I know better now so I do better. Thanks for drawing attention to this.

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