The following vendors have been approved for distance learning instruction. Please refer to the Adult Education Provider Manual for ICCB Policy related to remote instruction.

ICCB Approved Web-based Curricula


Become an approved vendor by completing the application below.


Approval Process for Provider-Developed Remote Learning Curricula

All courses must be approved by the ICCB prior to implementation. All courses funded with ICCB Adult Education Federal and State resources are required to be submitted for approval at least 30 days prior to implementation using the established process as outlined in the current year of the Adult Education Provider Manual. It is important to note that provider-developed at-a-distance courses cannot be at the ASE level.


Remember proxy contact hours in at-a-distance and/or hybrid classes must be tracked through one of the following methods, and providers must identify which method will be used. The method must be compatible with the selected software as appropriate. In addition, all classes must be set up as Individualized Instruction in the statewide data collection system.

  • Clock Time Model — Assigns contact hours based on the elapsed time that a learner is connected to or engaged in an online or stand-alone software program that tracks time;
  • Learner Mastery Model — Assigns a fixed number of hours of credit based on the learner passing a test on the content of each lesson. Learners work with the curriculum and materials; and when they feel they have mastered the material, take a test. A high percentage of correct answers (typically 70%-80%) earns the credit hours attached to the material.
  • Teacher Verification Model — Assigns a fixed number of hours of credit for each assignment completed based on teacher determination of the extent to which a participant engaged in or completed the assignment. This method is only appropriate for correspondence and program developed web-based learning. Homework assigned as a part of a traditional class is not eligible for distance learning credit.
    • Teacher Verification Process
      • Time is allowed in 30 minute increments and no more than one hour per assignment.
      • Program directors are responsible to verify teacher/student attendance.
      • ICCB will audit annually.


  • Providers of distance learning can use one or any combination of the following enrollment types.
    • At a Distance: Asynchronous instruction provided entirely through an online platform *Students are still required to pre- and post-test (with the exception of post testing for ASE High) face-to-face.
    • Hybrid: At a Distance or Learning Lab programming offered in conjunction with face to face instruction.


  • Programs are required to incorporate the Illinois Adult Education Content Standards into curricula and instruction through the use of Standards Proficient Instructors. Curriculum based upon standards assures that all instruction in Illinois is held to the same high standards and prepares students to make smooth transition to careers, postsecondary education, and to employment. All programs are required to develop curriculum based upon the appropriate content standards.


  • All new course submissions must come with a course syllabus reflective of the content standards alignment.


  • Additionally, all instructors must exhibit certain technology skills as outlined in the course approval process form 11-OL for an at-a-distance or hybrid course in order to teach in an at-a-distance format.