The ICCB Announces the FY 2020 Transitional English Instruction Pilot Grant Award Recipients


The Academic Affairs division of ICCB provides support and guidance to the colleges in developing and maintaining high demand, high quality and cost-effective academic programs. This division is responsible for the review and approval of instructional programs/courses, distribution and monitoring of federal/state grant funding that supports instructional programming, and providing leadership and technical assistance related to instructional programs and services to the colleges.

Academic Affairs includes the areas of Baccalaureate/Transfer Education, Career & Technical Education, International Education, Remedial Education, and Postsecondary Perkins. Staff in this division represents the Board through involvement in a variety of statewide initiatives and projects such as the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), P-16, College & Career Readiness, Partnership for College & Career Success (PCCS), and the Gender Equity Advisory Committee, as well as working closely with other state agencies whenever possible to provide the community college system with a consistent and coordinated state-level approach to program development and funding.

ICCB Academic Affairs staff are charged with providing state-level leadership and technical assistance related to program/course approval and revision, program review, Perkins & PCCS grant plan development, programs of study development, dual credit, Recognition, and the ICCB Administrative Rules.